Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

Kamis, 15 Maret 2012


This day is very something. I woke up at 7 am because i slept earlier and then i turned on my laptop. Drank a galss of mineral water, went to bathroom for brush my teeth and back to my freedom (my room :')). Downloaded some video, include running man video wooohoo. Then, i watched running man while i did exercise with my air climber. At 8 am, Annas sent me a message which contains a question that am i free today or not? Because i didn't have any pulse so i used my home phone to answer her question. Annas asked me if i wanted to go to Dutas Disc together or no. I answered yes. We agreed to meet up at 11.00 am. I continued my exercise then. A minute later, Annas sent me a message to met up at 10.45 and i agreed what she said. But in fact at that time (10.45), i'm just finished my exercise and going to took a bath, sorry nas. I wore my cloths and got ready for go but suddenly Annas called me that Duta Disc didn't open so we discussed again and decided to go to Gramedia instead. We met there finally and then we were looking for catalogue at there. I felt hungry so i asked Annas to eat some food first. She accept and we decided to eat at Richeese Factory in front of Taruna Bakti. But, when we arrived there, the place so crowded so we decided again to go to Vertex first. At there, Annas searched dvd she wanted and i was just following here because now i'm not interest in movie (i'm a little bit interest in korean drama now hihi). Annas bought Silent Hill and then we went back to Richeese Factory. Furtonately, it wasn't crowded anymore so we went in. We discussed again to eat there or eat at my home and finally we decided to eat at my home. We then ordered our foods and drink and then we went out. On the way to my home, we decided to go to in front of Taruna Bakti for bought some food again. I bought 'seblak basah' and Annas bought a jelly in straw (yah.. something like that). We continued our way to my home. Finally, home sweet home, we arrived at my home and ate our foods and drank our drinks too. After we ate, we had a talk and deng! deng! deng! deng! At 4 pm, Annas decided to went home. Before she went home, we decided to go to Circle K first for bought a pulse for me and then went to local copy to binded Annas's paper. After that, Annas went home and i went to my home too. After Annas went home, i played my laptop again until now.... Bored right? But i felt some joy today :D

Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

Big Bang Is Back!

Seriously, i can't done smiling. Why am i smiling? Just because Big Bang is comeback. I never told you before that i'm vip too (instead elf) but now i telling you from this post. They comeback with "Blue". That song is very soft, easy to listening, and all the good feelings. But, when YG unveil their comeback concept photos, i felt really disappointed. Why? Because they dramatic transformed. First is TOP, my favourite member amongst Big Bang. He coloured his hair to blue colour (I miss his last hair :( ) Second one is Daesung. He coloured too his hair to blonde hair. Third is Taeyang. I'm feel so-so for his transformation becuase he just grow longer for his hair like punk. Fourth is Seungri. Still on his black hair but i don't like his new hairstyle. And the last! G-Dragon. His hair, omg. BIG NO! You can check their concept photos in google or other site. But even they disappointed transformation, i feel the other feeling for the song. Thanks YG. Thanks Big Bang. And thanks to me (?). See you around! Hehe :D

Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

Happy Birthday To Myself :)

Happy Birthday To Me! It sounds a little bit pity because it likes no one care to me. But actually there are. Thanks a lot to my parents especially my mom because she is the first person who said happy birthday to me and the second place is my dad. Thanks a lot too to my fellas who said me happy birthday. That's me, still on my pajama :D And for you all who have birthday today i whishing you a very happy birthday! Cheers!

Sabtu, 05 November 2011

LKS Brooch

those brooches are bought when the last day i'm on LKS (Latihan Kepemimpinan Siswa). The committee sells brooch and sticker with various colours then i bought one brooch for souvenir from there. The colors of mine are purple and yellow. Ah! I forgot to tell you about the LKS but now i'm not in the mood for tell my LKS day so i just tell you about my LKS brooch. hahaaaahaha!

Say Hello To My New Aquapix!

Have you read this before? In those post i've already told you that i bought new aquapix. this is my aquapix with helloooww kittiw. Booyeah!

Jumat, 04 November 2011

Thank Youuuu!

yesterday, me and my friends were walked around at bip for buy aquapix for take a picture of us under water. actually, we are going to swimming today but because the rain and the weather is very cold so we don't go to swim. sad enough but what to do anymore? but but but i am very happy because now i have an aquapix hihihi so when i want to snap a picture under water i don't must feel sad.

#fyi i'm in love with tablo's song "bad", why? i don't know either. i just love to hear that :)
love is so bad (bad) bad (bad) bad (bad) ~~